Turkey 25.10-4.11.2014

I flied to Turkey with my mum and 3 children, from Edinburgh to Dalaman airport. It was last EasyJet flight, so it was very cheap. We arrived late, so we took a taxi to Fethiye straight to the hotel. It was a small hotel, season was finished and guests gone home, looked a bit abandoned. Next day in the morning we went to explore the town, went straight to beach and walked until town centre. It was too cold to swim, a lot of fishermen. A beautiful small town with historical places.

Then we took a bus to Pamukkale (meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish). The most amazing place I’ve been to, so beautifully white and that warm water. Looks like an ice. We spent a night there in Grand Sevgi spa hotel.

Next day in the morning we took a bus to Denizli. From where took a bus to Side, where we stayed 4 nights in Anthos Garden Apart Hotel. Season was finished and we were almost only guests. Hotel was nice, close to the town centre. There are lot of archeological sites in Side and nice beach. We took a day trip to Taurus mountains, Green lake, visited orange gardens.



Turkey 14-19.12.2011

Me and my 4 year old twins travelled from North Cyprus Ercan airport to Adana by AtlasJet. It was very cheap flight, but very comfortable small plane. We took a taxi to downtown. It was already evening and as we stayed with someone from Couchsurfing, he was kind enough to collect us by his car after work. We left in the morning to the bus station.

Next destination was Ankara. It was a 7 hour trip, with such a comfortable bus and amazing views time only flies. There was at least 1 long stop on the way.

Arrived to Adana in evening. This time we had an address for our hosts as we stayed with CS again and we went to search for their house, they were young gay couple living in a very posh area near all the embassies. We stayed there 2 nights, so in the morning when they were off to work we went to explore the city. Ankara is a capital of Turkey with a population of 4,5 million, very modern city, feels like any other city in Europe. It was much colder than Adana, very big and a lot to see.

Again we left in the morning to bus station to take a bus to our final destination Istanbul. Another 7 hour trip with comfortable bus and nice views. My children are used to travelling so it is no problem with them on such a long routes.

We arrived to Istanbul in the evening, our host from CS collected us from bus station. Had a nice dinner. Next morning we went to explore the city, took a bus to downtown. Just few days ago there was a demonstration on main square, now it looked calm. We walked on main street until tower, from up there you can hardly see even half of the city as Istanbul is really big. Then we acrossed the river and went to old part of the city where all the markets are and big famous mosques. Right before sunset we finally found The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii). It is indeed most beautiful mosque I have seen. We had to walk back all the way to the main square where we started, but we had plenty of time and Istanbul is very nice and lively in the evening. Luckily we found a bus going back to the area where we stayed. Next morning we left to airport to catch our flight to Riga.