Ireland 15.-18.10.2016

First time in many years I travelled without my kids. I flied from Tallin to Dublin for 3 days with my mum. We arrived before sunset and took a local bus to city centre, which was much cheaper than airport bus. We didnt had much luggage, so we walked around a bit before going to our hostel. We needed to buy something for dinner, it wasnt easy to find supermarket, everything closes so early. We stayed in MEC Hostel in 6bed female dormitory, it was nice old building. Other girls in our room were nice and quiet, but I couldnt sleep well, my bed was next to the door and all night people were walking nosily in corridor.


We had our breakfast, it was traditional Irish breakfast, toast with eggs, jam and cheese, cereal with milk. And went to bus station, as we wanted to go to Galway for a day. It’s cheaper to buy return ticket, than 2 single. It’s an open ticket, you can use any time within 1 month. Bus took us across the Ireland to the west coast. The weather was nice all day, but soon after we arrived it started to rain and didn’t stop till morning. We left our things in hostel and tried to walk around a little. We didnt see much, but it is a very nice small town. We stayed at Barnacles Hostel in the main shopping street. It was a nice modern hostel. This time it was a 12bed mixed dormitory with 2 bathrooms inside the room. It was half booked only, and room was at the end of corridor, so it was quiet to sleep and I could sleep well.


On the road



We had our breakfast, which was pretty much same like yesterday. It wasnt raining anymore, so we walked around a little and then took bus back to Dublin. In Dublin we had to walk with our luggage, which got heavier as we bought gifts. We went to see all the famous places before it got dark. Then just walked around, did some shopping and late evening we took a same bus to airport. We spent some hours there sleeping, as we had early morning flight at 6am to Tallin.



Budapest, 17-19.05.2015

We arrived from Hurghada to Budapest at 12 midnight, as it was so late, we just spent a night in airport. From there we took a metro to city centre and went to search for our hostel, left the luggage there and went to explore the city. What a beautiful city! Modern Budapest is the result of a historic amalgamation of the separate cities of Buda and Pest (as well as the smaller and more distant Óbuda), and it is still typical to refer a restaurant on the “Buda side” or “living in Pest”. Administratively, the city is also divided into 23 numbered districts. We stayed in Pest number V district. They have most beautiful parliament building. When you travel with young children, you have to search for parks and stop in every playground, there are lot of parks in Budapest and some really cool playgrounds. In the river Danube there is a big island called Margaret island, there you could rent all kind of bikes to explore the island easily. It was fun. When it started to get late, we went back to hostel. We stayed in Activity Hostel, we had a big room for 4 with a long balcony and an amazing view to the Budapest Eye.

Next morning, after leaving luggage till evening in hostel we went walking to other side towards the City Park, in front of a park there was a Heroes Square (Hősök tere), in the middle of which is a Millenium Memorial. Park was very big and beautiful, at the far end there was a Zoo, where we went with children. Compared to other zoos I have been, it was very compact, but the most beautiful zoo and botanical gardens together, there were all the animals we wanted to see, was really fun for kids. When it started to get dark again, we went back for our luggage and headed to airport, our flight was 8am, so another night in airport.