week in Egypt 12.2005

My second travel experience was 4 years later travelling to Egypt for a week holiday. It was first time I boarded a plane, I was quite scared, but thankfully I met 2 girls in airport who happened to go to the same airplane, one of them had been flying a lot.

It was very warm in Egypt. That was what I liked most. Coming from very cold country, it was already snowing, it was huge difference. I stayed in Sharm el Sheikh in 3 star hotel. It was warm enough to swim in swimming pool and in sea, there is most beautiful sea, the clearest water I’ve seen. We also went to a 2 days trip to Cairo and Alexandria, to see the pyramids and museums in Cairo, all I remember about that day is, that Cairo was very dirty and I didn’t like it there. I still don’t like Cairo much, but now it is a nice feeling to go there, like you came home.