Daytrip to Finland 25.7.2016

If you have Vikingline membership card, which you can make for free, you will get 2 tickets for a day cruise to Helsinki in your birthday month as a gift. So my mother had a birthday in July, she got 2 tickets, I had couple of vouchers and we could get 8 tickets + a car for 60euros. Ok, there were 4 children under 11, which are free anyway. So off we went, me, my 3 kids, my mom, my brother and his 2 young daughters. We started our trip at 4am to cach 8am ferry from Tallin. It takes 2,5 hours. Theres plenty to do 0n a cruise ship. Children can play in a play area, there are several restaurants to enjoy your meal or you can walk around or sit on deck and enjoy the view.

As we had so many children with us and a car, we had a plan to go to Moomin World in Naantali near Turku. We didn’t  think we will drive that long, so half of the time we spent in car. Weather was beautiful and children absolutely loved Moomin World, it was in a really nice park, but nothing so interesting I would want to go there again. Anyway, children happy we drove back to Helsinki, we still had some time, so we went to another theme park to Linnanmäki. Entrance there is for free and kids can enjoy around 10 free rides. We didnt had much time there, kids definetely liked it and if I will go to Helsinki with them again, I will go there again. And that was it, our day finished and we headed back to our ferry.