Paphos 12-16.2.2015

I flied with my 3 kids from London to Cairo with change flights in Cyprus for 4 days, thats how I haved travelled so much, there are never direct flights, where I want to go or maybe there are, but a lot more expensive, so it was cheaper to stay 4 days in Cyprus than to fly directly to Egypt. This time I booked a hotel for our stay, as it was low season, we had a nice 1 bedroom apartment in Daphne Hotel Apartments with swimming pool, where was too cold to swim.

I lived before 9 months in Paphos in 2012-2013, it was nice to be back to see all the nice places. We stayed in Kato Paphos close to Papantoniu supermarket, sea and not far from bus station. We just went to walk to seaside, to harbour, I love sea, always dreamed to live in a town near the sea and few years from my life I have been lucky to have that dream come true. One day we walked to Pano Paphos, there in the middle was built new shopping centre, which was nice, there was really no big shopping centre, when I lived there. One day it was raining pretty heavily, it always rains there heavily, we rarely see so heavy rain in Estonia.

Last day morning we left the hotel, took a bus to central bus station, it was first time I used a bus in Paphos, I always used to walk everywhere, we had a lot of luggage, so it was better to take a bus. And then we took a bus to Larnaca, from where was our flight to Cairo in the evening.

I know it was not my last time in Cyprus, I still need to go back, there are things need to be finished. As I really like that big Island, I will be happy to go there again.



12 thoughts on “Paphos 12-16.2.2015

  1. Thanks for a short and lovely personal post about your travel. Paphos sounds and looks like a beautiful place as is most of Cyprus, and I am glad that you were able to go back and enjoy it and still plan to explore it further in the future. Traveling with kids is always a challenge but a beach vacation is also perfect because the kids can enjoy the sun and the sand and all you have to do is keep a little watch over them.

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  2. EG III says:

    It’s always nice to go back and revisit a place you’ve previously lived in. I’ve never been to Cyprus but seems like a great destination for a short holiday (or as a stopover).


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