Milan 12-15.01.2013

I have been to Milan before, when I was 14, we went for a bus trip with my mum from Estonia to Milan and spent there either Christmas or New Years Eve.

This time I flyed with my twins from Tallin to Oslo Rygge airport. Spent there 3 hours and then flied to Milan. We arrived in the evening and took a train to train station, where I met our host from Couchsurfing. He took us by car to his flat where he lived with his wife, they both were originally from Ecuador. Very nice couple, unfortunately his wife didnt speak English and I dont speak Italian. I love small flats, they only had 1 room and kitchen with a sofa, where I slept with my kids. Next day he had a day off and came to show us around, we went to city centre and walked around all touristic places. Duomo is still very beautiful, in front of were a lot of pigeons and some guys who were selling thier feed. One guy just came and gave a little to my son and some pigeons flied on him, took some photos. After we went to castle, it was beautiful as well. It was quiet cold outside. Tired from walking went a bit shopping and then back home. In the morning we met outside of his house his neighbour with his son, they were egyptians. It was good to speak some Arabic with them. Next morning we met that guy again and he wanted to go to town with me. My host and his wife went to work and I thought its good idea to go with some local rather than alone. As I went everywhere already yesterday and he wasnt very keen to walk around, we went back quickly, I still had half day till evening until my hosts come back from work, so I went with kids just to explore the area, they are used to walk a lot and can walk long distances, we found some really cool playgrounds and they could play. When I travel with kids, I always looking for playgrounds so it will be fun for them as well. In the evening we went back, but my hosts werent home yet, that egyptian guy saw us waiting and invited us to his place for a tea as it was cold outside. It was interesting to see how some immigrants are ready to live, they lived downstairs in a flat which looked more like a garage, that guy, his teenage son and one friend. If it was true they had to pay quit a lot for rent. Very sad, he had a wife in Egypt and like 5 more children for whom he sended money. Cant imagine in what conditions he live at home to be ready to swap it for something like this.

Next day in the morning my host took us to town. Where we catched bus to airport. I am so greatful for Couchsurfing site, all these people offering their home for free. I have also hosted many people from many different countries.










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