Barcelona 12-15.1.2012

12.01 I flied from Tallin to Girona airport by Ryanair with my 4 year old twins. WeGirona is a small city with population less than 100 000 and about 100km from Barcelona. There were big buses from airport to Girona and Barcelona frequently. We took a bus to Girona, as we stayed there these 3 nights with lovely host family from Couchsurfing. They were really friendly mixed spanish-african family with gorgeous 2 year old boy. They met us in bus station and we walked to their place.

13.01 In the morning my hosts went to work and I took a bus to Barcelona and spent all day there. It is truly beautiful city. We just walked around in city centre, walked to harbour and back found local fruit bazaar, where we bought some food and sweets. Right before sunset we went to most famous and beautiful sight in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia. We walked a bit more in the evening, its different atmosphere in dark, i love to walk in dark, when there are other people, but I’m scared to walk in dark empty streets. Then we took a bus back to Girona.

14.01 This day we decided to spend around Girona. It is a nice small city with some historic sights, nice riverside and nice parks. When I travel with children I just look for different parks and playgrounds, so they can play and enjoy travelling, we rarely  visit museums. It is difficult with small children to go to museums and as I dont like them much either,  I dont feel Im missing out on something.

15.01 I felt kind of sad to leave, I really liked it here and the family we stayed with were really nice and kind. We took a bus to airport to catch our 2pm flight to Larnaca.


One thought on “Barcelona 12-15.1.2012

  1. stunning Barcelona, what an amazing photos. Its sad that I always go to Barcelona but I’ve never thought about visiting Girona maybe next time I will thank you for sharing this post

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