5 years in Egypt 2.2006-4.2011

It is difficult to put 5 years in one blog post. So I try to make it short. I moved to Egypt in February 2006 a week before my sons 2nd birthday, so he could still fly for free. It was his first flight and total nightmare for me. He only cried while taking off, but it is difficult to make 2 year old to sit still for 5 hours. We moved to Sharm el Sheikh, where we lived for 2 years. I got married, had my twins. When they were just 5 months old, 1st of April 2008, we moved to Hurghada. Where I spent 1 year and then in May 2009, after my 5 year old flew with my friends to Estonia for a summer,  I moved to 6th of October City near Cairo. My brother brought him back and he started school in September, KG2. My husband’s family lived there, that’s why I wanted to move there, so they can help me with kids. We got divorced by then and it was difficult alone with 3 small children. Almost every year for a summer I travelled to Estonia to visit my family. Last time I just didnt go back, I didnt plan to move away from Egypt, it just happend. I felt lonely there with my family so far. But when I came back to Estonia, I soon realized, everything is so different, I cant live there anymore and left again. I will always miss Egypt and dream about going back there. It was my second home for so long.

In those 5 years I sometimes travelled around, went to different places in Egypt.


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